Himawari MediPhil International Recruitment Inc.

Experienced and Qualified

Connecting candidates with the most sought after employers in the healthcare marketplace in the UK, USA and other overseas countries.

Who we are & what we do...

  • Himawari MediPhil present experienced, qualified Nurses and Clinical professionals to healthcare employers in the UK, USA and other overseas countries, providing long term career opportunities to successful candidates.
  • Himawari MediPhil International Recruitment Inc. is a well-established, POEA Licensed ( PL 187-LB-120120-R ) recruitment company with over 20 years’ experience of recruiting and deploying Filipino’s to overseas employers.
  • MediPhil Healthcare Recruitment Ltd in the UK and Himawari MediPhil International Recruitment Inc. in the Philippines, have formed a strategic alliance to satisfy an increasing demand for nurses and clinicians from healthcare employers chiefly in the UK, USA, and the Middle East.
  • The new alliance will trade as Himawari MediPhil, and whilst both companies remain separate, independent legal entities, our partnership enables us to use common operating processes, website, and IT systems to deliver a seamless recruitment solution to all parties.
  • Our directors in the Philippines and the UK have a wealth of experience working in either the recruitment industry or at CEO level with companies supplying services to international healthcare sectors. Which includes the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) at senior executive level.
  • Candidates are rigorously screened before being matched to our clients staffing requirements.
  • We arrange interview schedules to suit individual client requirements.
  • Prior to deployment, successful candidates are processed by Himawari MediPhil International Inc. strictly in accordance with POEA and other Philippine government protocols.
  • Our team maintain close contact with both candidates and clients throughout the deployment processes.
  • We offer a meet-and-greet service and can assist with the candidates immediate needs upon arrival.
  • Himawari MediPhil Healthcare Recruitment Inc. will operate in a transparent and ethical manner, and will respect the diverse needs of both clients and candidates.



Our Team

Our team includes directors with a wealth of experience and achievements whilst working at CEO level in the NHS, and with companies supplying services to healthcare sectors. Himawari MediPhil is supported by our Philippine based team members who are connecting with Filipinos who want to further develop their careers in the UK, USA and other overseas countries.

Contacting Himawari MediPhil

For further details please call + 63 2 846 1599 (Philippine office) or +44 (0) 1522 513539 (UK office) or complete the form below...

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